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UV Vertical Wall Printer, for Restaurant, Hotel, Household, Street AD, Street Art.
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Newest 3D Vertical UV Wall Printer

Print head

Epson DX7 Double heads

Print size

2.5 meters high * 6 meters width (standard), can make 3 meters height width is no limit

Wheels type Rails
With or Without

Print hole size


Color mode




Print speed

Draft mode 8 square meters / hour

Ink type

Wall environmentally friendly UV ink

Standard mode 8 square meters / hour


Single phase AC110V-220V/2000w 50HZ/60HZ

High resolution modesquare 5 meters / hour

Environmental requirements

Temperature 10 ° C -35 ° C, wind 0-5

Data port


1.Low Cost,It can print 120-200 square meters for every group of ink consumed, and the printing cost is low.

2.High Speed,the maximum speed of printing can reach 8 -15 square meters / hour.

3.The printing area is large, the printing height can be up to 4 meters, and the printing width is infinitely extended.

4.High resolution, resolution can reach 2880dpi, no matter how to change the image size, the printed effect is very clear.

5.Double heads, Epson Double heads make printing more clear and any color on any color background Wall.

6.Easy operation, the software installation and calibration are finished before delivery which is more convenient for operation.

7.CMYK or CMYK+W two options, supporting white color printing.

8.Test work, all machines before shipment will be tested by technician to confirm the machine works well when arrived customers.

9. Remote training, we do remote training for customers, weather you buy our machine three months or three years, our technician still there to reply your any questions.


1. Core technology. When we were a small factory, we have focused on the development of core components such as laser power supplies and optical path. Unlike other suppliers, they only sell through assembly equipment.

2. Independent research and development department. This means we can offer our customers customized machines and improve the equipment according to market changes

3. Dealer support plan. In the early stage of customers' market development, we provide technical parameters for the installation and use of equipment free of charge, share good marketing methods, help customers win the market and achieve success.

4. Strict testing. All of the suppliers we work with come from world-class manufacturers. Before the delivery, each machine needs to be tested and inspected for 48 hours (marking machine, welding machine) and 4-7 days (cutting machine) to ensure quality and safety.

5. Timely delivery. Each machine has an accurate assembly process and strict time control to ensure that customers receive goods in a timely manner.

6. After-sales service and guarantee. We offer a 2-year warranty and any problems occur during the period and we have a responsibility to resolve them. If any part of the machine is broken, we will repair it for free and send free accessories.

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